Industry Notes

My debut novel, THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS, is upmarket fiction for the book club market. It incorporates psychological thrill and themes of mental health and psychotherapy, dark secrets, marital complexities and betrayal, adoption and sibling ties, and unconventional notions of family. I'm currently writing a sequel to THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS called PAINTED OVER CRACKS. Click here to read the first chapter
I am represented by John Pearce at Westwood Creative Artists
 We are interested in the translation of THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS into film/TV
These are the recommended Book Industry Subject and Category (BISAC) codes for THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS and its upcoming sequel:
Fiction, Psychological FIC025000
Fiction, Contemporary Women FIC044000
Fiction, Family Life, Marriage & Divorce FIC045010
Key search words for describing and locating THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS :
Domestic drama
Psychotherapy fiction
Jungian dream analysis
Pregnancy and adoption
Midlife womanhood
San Diego
Filmic/TV comparisons
NYT Best Selling author Wendy Goldman-Rohm says:
"… This is a story worthy of television series. We want to stay in the world of our protagonist, the therapist, and see what she does next."
Fans of TV series, such as the psychotherapy-focused In treatment (now in its eighth season on HBO) or the psychodrama Workin' Moms (currently preparing for its sixth season on CBC), will enjoy reading THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS. The relatable Workin' Moms is about the friendships among four working mothers, deals with postpartum depression, and features the perspective of psychiatrist Dr. Anne Carlson, as one of the four women leads. Themes of mental health and women's relationships within twisty plot lines cohere with similar elements in THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS.