The Iconic Margaret Atwood - Catch Her Masterclass

I just finished watching Margaret Atwood's MasterClass on creative writing.  Margaret Atwood is one of Canada's very finest authors (e.g., The Handmaid's Tale), and this masterclass is about passing along her best nuggets of advice, teachings and experiences to the next generation of authors.  That's how she frames it to the viewer.  I hung on her every word.  I highly recommend this mini-course to any writer or any reader who wishes to learn some of the backstories and inspirations for her stories.  Go to, click on "Writing" and find Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing.  You have to purchase a Masterclass membership, but it is very worthwhile and there are many different topics and courses.  Now I am watching Amy Tan Teaches Fiction, Memory, and Imagination, another one of my favourite authors.